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Subterranean Termites

At Roseville Termite and Pest Control we use TERMIDOR┬« SC for all of our Subterranean Termite treatments. TERMIDOR SC’s formula exterminates termites by direct contact. Since the formula has no odor or repellant factors, Termites will crawl through the material and carry it back to the Termite colony where they will share the termiticide with other colony members, thus eliminating 100% of your Termite problem in three months or less!

Ask about our “Perimeter Plus” treatment program, which qualifies your home for our Control Service Policy. You can protect your home against Termites forever!

Dry wood Termites

Roseville Termite and Pest Control offers whole house fumigations and localized wood treatments to control this stubborn species of termites. Typically, salt and pepper size pellets are found on windowsills or baseboards indicating an infestation. If you have seen this type of evidence, call our office today to set up a FREE limited inspection to best determine the treatment method which will work best for you and your home.

Wood Destroying Beetles

There are several species of wood boring beetles in Northern California of concern to homeowners. They are generally classified into those that infest hardwoods (oak, walnut, etc.) and softwoods (pine, spruce and douglas fir).

Wood boring beetles can be very destructive to substructures, particularly those that have inadequate ventilation. Whole house fumigation is the best method of eradicating wood boring beetles. Call for your FREE limited inspection today to determine if your home is infested with wood boring beetles.

Pre-Treatment Termite Control for New Construction

Have your home pre-treated against subterranean termites and receive a five-year guarantee against infestations. Costs are generally between 13-23 cents per square foot. Consult with your general contractor and our staff to arrange for a FREE estimate!

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