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Pest Control

Pest control not only rids your home of unwanted pests, it creates a healthy environment for you and your family.

Our Premiere Service surpasses the Industry Standards for Quality and provides the following services:

  • Full Interior & Exterior Service (including Garage)
  • Sweeping of all Webs in and around the home
  • FREE trouble calls between services
  • Licensed Technicians responsive to your needs
  • Senior Discount Available

What do you do when you discover an annoying pest in or around your home? Can you identify the pest? What product should you use to get rid of the pest quickly and effectively?

With so much to think about when a pest invades a home, it’s no wonder so many people rely on the skill and experience of ROSEVILLE TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL.

We take pride in knowing that half of our customers came to us because our existing customers recommended ROSEVILLE TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL to their friends, family and neighbors. They recommended us because they trust us. We welcome you, too!

Fully trained, licensed, bonded and insured service technicians professionally apply treatments.

Our service technicians can rid your home of a pest you’ve just discovered or they can tell you about our popular Preventive Maintenance Programs. With a Preventive Maintenance Program, you’ll prevent pests from coming in or around your home all year.

During each visit, your service technician will apply treatments to get rid of all common pests. At the same time the technician will look for signs of pests trying to inch their way toward your home—-stopping them before they get there.

We, at ROSEVILLE TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL, are constantly aware of the pest control industry’s newest scientific findings, products, and control methods. Our expert technicians use carefully chosen products that will rid your home of problem pests.

You just might not see an annoying bug around your home again.

What to Expect:

  • A quick response when you call
  • A knowledgeable technician to visit your home
  • To be well informed of the methods used to treat your pest problem
  • To receive a professionally managed pest control program that will get rid of your pests problem quickly and effectively.
  • Your service to be guaranteed

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